Givenchy Shark Lock boots

WHO: Ricardo Tisci

THE STORY: The Givenchy Shark Lock boots have turned fashion world up side down. 

It is a statement piece of shoe art which requests certain self confidence and an attitude. You can easily become a magnet for the street style photographers if you add this art piece into your wardrobe. 

The Givenchy Shark Lock boots are featuring a signature shark twist lock-fastening which is wrapped around the top of the boot or the show. It is a signature key for the entire range. You can find different models from the knee high boots to ankle boots and sandals. But every single shoe from the Shark Lock collection features signature edgy spirit combined with the contemporary design. 



Italian 35-41

PRICE (February 2014):

The Givenchy Shark Lock knee boots £1450

The Givenchy Shark Lock wedge ankle boots £915

The Givenchy Shark Lock cutout ankle boots £895

Givenchy Easy Tote

WHO: Ricardo Tisci

THE STORY: Ricardo Tisci presented new Givenchy Easy Tote as a new addition to the excising handbag line. Tote is made in traditional style for Tisci and features angles and geometry combined with specious interior.

The Givenchy Easy Tote is panelled through the base for a structured shape. The suede interior is roomy enough for your iPad Air and cosmetics case. It is also features a zipped pouch pocket to keep smaller things in order. The tote features round handles and geometrical base.
The Givenchy Easy tote is spacious shopper for an urban ladies on the go. You can easily fit everything you need during the day into the bag and even hide your heels for a late night out.


Givenchy medium Easy Tote: H 35cm, W 49 cm, D 14 cm, Handles drop 20 cm.

Gucci loafers

WHEN: 1953

WHO: Aldo Gucci

THE STORY: Gucci's loafers have achieved iconic status over the years. Combining the comfort of a moccasin with a formality, Gucci loafers have long been the footwear of choice for that group of international travellers once known as the "jet set". Not a surprise that the world's most stylish gentlemen, from politicians to fashion bloggers have been wearing them for half a century.

The originals were based on a North American moccasin style and were handmade to be as soft and lightweight but very hardware and durable at the same time. Their comfort and practicality arrived at a time when casual American and Italian style was challenging traditional British formality. Gucci loafers represent easygoing lifestyle with sporty elegance.

The horsebit detail on the loafers is a key element in Gucci's history. The equestrian-derived hardware was originally inspired by the time, just after WWI, that Mr Guccio Gucci worked in London's famous Savoy hotel. While observing the comings and goings of the English aristocracy, he noted how important horses, racing and polo were to this glamorous set. When he launched his own leather goods company he took this iconic element into the Gucci brand. 

Gucci's creative directors play with the design each season, updating the shape, materials and details, but the shoe's essential beauty and practicality remain the same". Over the years the design and fortunes of the shoe has undergone many changes. The distinctive almond shaped toe has sometimes been square instead of round and even the heel heights have gone up and down.

WHERE AND HOW: All the artisans involved in making these loafers are located in a single workshop in Florence. They wear traditional leather aprons over white lab coats (an outfit that symbolises Gucci's blend of the past with the present) and, suitably attired, use a personalised tool kit to hand-make each shoe. 

After nailing the upper of the shoe to a last, the artisan sews the moccasin upper to the sole, before handing over to a colouring specialist, who hand-stains the leather to give the hide a rich tone. Since the leather is stained entirely by hand, giving it a lightly-worn vintage look, the finish of each shoe is unique. 

The final step sees the leather lining, and the metal and bamboo horsebit hardware attached by hand, before the shoes are wrapped and boxed.


Hermès Twilly

THE STORY: Hermès introduced the silk scarves in the late 1930′s, and has produced hundreds of different design and colour combinations dice then.

The Hermès Twilly is a long and narrow piece of silk, it can be used as a head accessory or tied around your neck as a necklace or around your wrist as a bracelet. But the most popular way to wear the Twilly is to wrap it around the handles of the Hermès Birkin or Kelly.  

Wrapping the Twilly around the handles of your bag can completely change the look of the bag and it is a perfect accessory when you want to make a statement. The Hermès Twilly also protects the bag handles from dirt and grease and prevents the leather to get worn out.

THE NAME: The Hermès Twilly takes its name from “Twill” and refers to the weaving technique which produces a strong and beautifully draping fabric.

Every season Hermès introduces new colours and patterns for the Twilly collection. You can find the most unexpected and wildest colours on the scarfs. For a more subtle and understated look you can pick a toning Twilly or if you want to make a statement choose one of the bright Twillies that will contrast with your bag.

There are few different ways to use the Twilly on your bag, you can wrap it around the handles which will give a really neat appearance to the look. But also you can tie the Twilly loosely around one of the handles and let it float down the side of the bag which will give your bag a more casual and holiday look.


The Hermès Twilly: 84cm x 5cm


Dior Diorama Flap Bag

The Dior Diorama Flap bag was first seen during the Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. In fact it was the only one bag featured during the show, so it's only natural that it got all of the spotlight.

The Dior Diorama Flap bag has a structured body with a long adjustable strap. The strap is made of thick metal chain and it is combined with the leather belt. Bag has signature DIOR charms on the chain.

The Dior Diorama Flap bag has a potential to become one of the brand's classic pieces. But Some experienced fashionistas can spot the similarities with the Chanel Boy bag.

The Dior Diorama Flap bag comes in different colours and textures. 


Cartier Juste un Clou

The Juste un Clou collection designed by Cartier during the 1970s in the creative frenzy of New York. Each piece in the collection is a creation that flouts convention, an unhindered transformation with remarkable strength. This collection traces the outlines of a style that is both modern and daring.

Juste un Clou translates as 'Just a Nail' from French. 

The Cartier Juste un Clou collection features rings and bracelets, necklaces and earrings in yellow, pink and white gold. Some styles also features diamonds and other precious stones.

It was first released in the 1970s, when the urban design symbolised the rebellious spirit and raw energy in New York City.


The Cartier Juste un Clou collection is unisex and admired by both male and female jewellery lovers. 


Hermès Dogon wallets

The Hermès Dogon wallet collection is the most well known and popular among Hermès small goods. The wallets feature classic "Clou de Selle" metal closure and beautifully crafted leather.

The Hermès Dogon wallet comes in two sizes: the Combined Wallet and Compact Wallet. Each season Hermès presents classic and new vibrant colours for the collection. 

The Hermès Combined wallet features removable zipped change purse, five credit card slots, one billfold compartment and two multi-purpose compartments.

The Hermès Compact wallet features zipped change purse, two credit card slots and two multi-purpose compartments. 

PRICE (December 2014):
Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet £1250
Hermès Dogon Compact Walllet £980

Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet 12.5 x 20 cm, 3.7" x 5.4"
Hermès Dogon Compact Wallet 9.5 x 13.8 cm, 4.9" x 7.9"