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Céline totes may not be new to the market, but they are all over the Paris, London, New York and Milan streets looking classic, chic, and effortless. They may come with a daunting price tag, but theyre surely another investment item that you can proudly add to your list.

The Celine mini luggage bag is a durable and spacious leather bag that works perfectly any time of the day, any season of the year. And, the swoon worthy bags come in a multitude of colors to accompany your arm in style: brown, black, lilac, blue, pink, camel, two-tone, ponyhair and plenty more.

Celine Luggage Gallery

Phoebe Philo sure knows the secret sauce to creating It-bags. Back when she was at Chloé we had the Paddington craze and years later when she returned to the fashion stage and started to design for Celine she did it all over again and made the Luggage tote the most sought-after bag in the whole wide fashion world. It consequently sells out, one bag at a time.

The bag shows to us is refined craftsmanship and structural silhouette but not the iconic logo printed material or fussy ornaments. Its designer Phoebe Philo should not be neglected, who revives the traditional Céline by her creation and innovation.

Featuring one zipper closure as a decoration in the front, this quintessential and classic bag was shaped as a shopping tote for day to night use, large bag capacity and sturdy leather further increases its versatility to a certain degree.

This stylish Luggage Tote comes in five sizes and a range of combinations and colors: suede and calf, crocodile and calf, or just good old calf skin.

Céline bags are not available to buy new online so be careful when buying it. Due to the number of fakes, I’d suggest buying from a reputable source like eBay, which will give you some consumer protection, even if purchasing second hand.

Celine Luggage Sizes

Celine Luggage Sizes come in (Smallest to Largest): Nano < Micro < Mini < Shoulder

Medium Luggage 15H x 15W x 7D (Discontinued for Spring 2012)
Shoulder Luggage – 12H x 15W x 7D (From Spring 2012)
Mini Luggage 12H x 12W x 7D
Micro Luggage 10H x 10W x 6D
Nano Luggage 8H x 8W x 4D

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