Furla Candy

Furla Candy is a color-kissed rubber satchel with a ladylike silhouette. The iconic Candy Bag is a fusion between innovation, creativity and tradition that characterizes the brand.

Ever wonder what makes Furla Candy Bag so popular? Bored of all the plain looking handbags in the market? Looking for something different? Why don’t you look at Furla Candy Bag collection! First introduced in 2010, the Furla Candy Bag or sometimes referred to as the Furla jelly bag, quickly became a worldwide hit phenomena, having sold out in both physical and online stores in the beginning.

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The handbag has an iconic look where it has a perfect blend of structured and fun. Furla managed to achieve the first part by using a material combination of thick rubber and PVC, this allows the bag to retain its structure and at the same time being super durable. Making it ideal for usage at the gym, shopping or even the office.

The second part is achieved by using a semi transparent material that is only enough to identify that there is something inside, but not enough to identify what exactly it is. Think of the fun when your bag lights up when there is a phone call!

The sidelong vein is due to the particular injection technique used for the shaping process of the PVC and is therefore not to be considered as a quality defect, but as a characteristic of the product itself

Size: 11¾” x 8″ x 6¾”

  • made from PVC
  • tone-on-tone stitching
  • padlock with Furla logo
  • carried in the hand
  • zip closure
  • drop: 11 cm – 4 ¼”
  • rubber feet

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