Givenchy Nightingale

In late 2006 Givenchy Nightingale bag was launched, pre-empting the utility trend. This large grown-up yet relaxed Givenchy handbag rapidly rose to fame thanks to its classic yet modern look.
Givenchy is a couture line that is quintessentially French. The design house offers clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes. It is a luxury goods brand that represents timeless elegance and style. As with many designer lines, there is an IT bag and Givenchy is no exception. The Givenchy Nightingale Satchel represents everything that the design house has successfully imparted onto the fashion world: beauty, sculptural style, grace, and refreshing sophistication.

Nightingale bag is easy/modern bag easily recognizable: simplicity of a timeless bag. The bag is names after Florence Nightingale, who came to prominence for her pioneering work in nursing during Crimean war.

The Nightingale features two handles along with a detachable shoulder strap so that you can alternate between carrying or better yet, showcasing the bag in your hands or wearing it on your shoulder. The bag generally comes in bucket shape but it can be purchased in other shapes. The Nightingale also comes in various colors and exotic skins. It carries the signature Givenchy monogram on the handles that lets the buyer know that they have purchased a truly special piece.

This handbag is undoubtedly a statement piece. It can transition from summer into fall easily and looks great with any outfit because of its versatility. It has minimal details that provide a simple yet amazing structure. It is a perennial favorite of a lot of discerning fashionistas and style mavens because of how stylish the bag is, yet it still remains a timeless classic. You will be able to pair this bag with any outfit in your wardrobe. No matter if it is for a casual shopping trip or a nice dinner out, the Nightingale is the perfect accessory. This is a bag that, with the proper care, you are sure to have for years and years.

Nightingale comes in 4 sizes, 1 trolley and 1 shopping bag.

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