Givenchy Shark Bag

The shark tooth is an iconic motif for the Givenchy collections. Designer Riccardo Tisci prefers to keep his creations edgy,
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Givenchy Obsedia

Givenchy Obsedia Bag, the cross-body bag that features the unique cross and ring closure. It comes in a variety of
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Givenchy Nightingale

In late 2006 Givenchy Nightingale bag was launched, pre-empting the utility trend. This large grown-up yet relaxed Givenchy handbag rapidly
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Givenchy Pandora

We all know the significance of the Pandora's box. Pandora was the first woman on Earth and the box was
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Givenchy Antigona

Put a sharp spin on city wardrobes with Givenchy’s Antigona bag. In a sculpted silhouette, this glossy style echoes the
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