Louis Vuitton Noé

One of the most well known Louis Vuitton bags – Noé – was born in 1932. It is second by age among the iconic Louis Vuitton bags.

Louis Vuitton Noé has a fascinating story. One of the local champagne producers made a special request to Gaston Louis Vuitton to create beautiful bags for his bottles.the first Louis Vuitton Noé bag could fit up to 5 champagne bottles, four of them were fitted the normal way and one was upside down in the middle of the bag. The top of the bag was closed with a piece of string.

The story tells that the bag was named after Noé from the Bible, who built an ark and after the Deluge he went to mountain Ararat and planted grape-wine.

At 2013 Noé welcomes its “younger sister” Noé BB. This tiny version of the fomos bag is possible to wear across the body with help from a long strap. Same as the old version it is available in a variety of colors from Damier Azur to Epi.