Established in 2012, M2MALLETIER is a luxury handbag brand conceptualized and designed in Barcelona. Reminiscent of works from French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank and Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, the brand’s philosophy is interpreted as the unification of two fundamental cultural movements: Minimalism and Surrealism. M2MALLETIER combines influences from the world of architecture with the world of history – referencing medieval armor and thought-provoking tools relevant to the time period. The brand pays homage to iconic pioneering women such as one of the 20th century’s most daring and influential patrons of the arts- Vicomtesse Marie-Laure de Noailles- with its unexpected and trend-setting designs.

Design duo Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez, who met one another at Parsons School of Design in New York City, envisioned a handbag that preserved the two designer’s Colombian roots while transforming traditional leather goods into an intelligent, extraordinary piece for collectors of the remarkable and unexpected. Melissa and Marcela have continued to define their own distinct vision of blending unparalleled luxury with notable architecture. The result is both enchanting and unmatched – a progressive design enhanced with an aesthetic that is rooted in a modernized old world sensibility. A forward, inimitable linear handle inspired by medieval tools and armor, a hallmark of M2MALLETIER, perfectly articulates unforgettable glamour and spontaneity evident in the brand’s avant-garde designs.


While studying at Parsons School of Design, Colombians Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez discovered a shared interest in translating old-world style into everyday chic. “We’re both from the same place, but we had never met,” remembers Losada. They met one late night at the now-defunct Bungalow 8 and started talking. “Ever since it’s sort of been fate.”

“We wanted the same things out of our day-to-day bags. Nothing too over-the-top, just something that had that perfect balance,” says Losada. The elegantly crafted styles come in six shapes and traditional tones.

But the key, head-turning signature is what the designers call “the needle.” In either gunmetal or polished plated gold, the needle is a handle unlike any other, and which Losada and Velez spent some two years developing with engineers in Spain. “We were really inspired by medieval medical instruments, swords and armor for our first season,” says Velez.

“We offset all that was classic with the handle’s surrealist quality,” Losada explains. “I guess that’s what you get when you stare at iron rods all day.”

M2MALLETIER designs everyday bags that achieve the perfect balance between classic and modern. Fully lined in leather, the bags are produced in the factory that manufactures Loewe. Losada says, “What was important to us was straddling what was classic and what was modern in our own eyes. We kept even our production quite traditional.”

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