Michael Kors Hamilton

Tote everyday essential items in style by accessorizing with a Michael Kors Hamilton handbag or tote bag. Ideal for day or evening use, or just for carrying items to work, these handbags are fashion accessories that are both stylish and practical.

Each handbag in the Hamilton collection by Michael Kors features a combination of double handles or a drop shoulder strap for easy toting. Multiple pockets accessorize the interior for maximum storage. A magnetic snap closure at the top of the bag keeps all items safe and secure as they are carried from place to place. Snaps, buttons and zippers are crafted out of 18K gold for a stunning, sharp accent piece.

Michael Kors Hamilton Gallery

Add a bright splash of color to any fashion ensemble by selecting one of the vibrantly colored tote or satchel handbags from the Hamilton collection by Michael Kors. Choose from an array of bold, eye-catching colors ranging from golden orange to shocking jelly bean pink for a fashion accessory that boldly accents any casual or formal fashion ensemble.

Subtly incorporate a handbag or tote bag into an existing fashion ensemble by choosing a neutral colored bag from the Michael Kors Hamilton collection. Use a sleek black or beige colored large tote to blend in perfectly with a casual or semi-formal fashion ensemble, or uniquely stand out by accessorizing with a bold zebra printed satchel.

Carry only the bare essentials with a small, stylish crossbody bag from the Hamilton collection by Michael Kors. Featuring beautiful, sleek gold hardware, and a chained shoulder strap, this tiny denim handbag brings an edgy vibe to any outfit without overshadowing or overpowering the completed look.

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