Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag (MAB)

This classic Morning After Bag by Rebecca Minkoff is where it all started and remains one of the label’s best sellers. Roomy enough to hold your everyday essentials, this spacious leather bag features a shoulder strap that clips onto the hardware and a patterned interior.

Currently New York based, Rebecca Minkoff was born in San Diego, California. Like many other aspiring designers, sewing and creating was a prominent part of her childhood. After she graduated high school, Minkoff moved to New York to pursue her design career. In 2001, she released a small apparel collection. By 2006, Minkoff began designing handbags, an aspect of her career that she would eventually gain a significant amount of recognition for. The iconic “Morning After Bag” debuted during this time, rapidly becoming a popular accessory of choice among New York’s fashionistas.

The tote was born by accident in 2005, when Minkoff, was asked by a friend, actress Jenna Elfman, to design a bag for her character in the movie “Touched.”
“She asked me if I made bags,” recalls Minkoff, “and I lied and said yes.” The designer came up with a rough idea, enlisted the help of a pattern maker and shipped the purse to the set.
Unfortunately, it arrived late and didn’t make it into the film. Minkoff was devastated. “I was so upset that I didn’t even watch the movie,” says Minkoff. But she started carrying the bag around the Big Apple — and gained a following.

“People started stopping me on the street and asking me about the bag. A friend who was a buyer at [LA boutique] Satine began selling it, and Daily Candy wrote about it,” says Minkoff.
The bag sold out after the piece ran, and an accessories maven was born. Ironically, no one remembers “Touched,” but the Morning After Bag is a classic that’s here to stay.

The “Morning After Bag” became so popular that Minkoff dropped her apparel line and concentrated on creating one of a kind purses. With the help of her sibling Uri Minkoff, she launched Rebecca Minkoff LLC. High end department stores began to carry the brand, as her collections began to gain popularity around the world. As the years went by, Minkoff began to create more designs that became signature, iconic representations of her brand. She was also one of the first designers to embellish her bags with studs, a trend that quickly took over the fashion world.

Today, Rebecca Minkoff is best known for her handbags. However, since the launch of her brand, she has gradually delved into many areas of fashion. Known for her chic yet edgy taste, Rebecca Minkoff is considered to be an influential figure in fashion. She manages to create mature pieces that are still youthful, hip and stylish. She is extremely involved in the fashion “blogosphere”, making her a favorite among bloggers and blog readers alike. Minkoff frequently collaborates with fashion and style bloggers, bringing together high end fashion and the rapidly growing world of blogging.

Her own blog, which was launched in 2009, can be found at The blog features DIY fashion projects, blogger outfits and event photos, along with a way of interacting with customers and fans. All of her employees are also cleverly called Minkettes, creating a sense of a fashionable and fun “cult following”.

Interesting facts:
* All of Rebecca Minkoff’s bags are named after different phases of love, and she called this tote the Morning After Bag because it was a lifestyle she wished she were living. “I’ve never been that type of girl, but I thought it would be fun,” says Minkoff.
* Tthe Morning After Bag can easily fit a pair of shoes, a change of clothes and the everyday sundries a lady needs.
* The MAB comes with a front pocket to stow your license — in case you forget where you live.
* All MABs are convertible, and come with handles and a shoulder strap so they can serve as a cross-body bag or a tote.
* Each bag contains a card with a handwritten note from “Vincent”. The number directs the caller to Minkoff’s Web site, but there used to be an answering machine that gathered oodles of messages from angry husbands and hopeful girls, says the designer.